Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a note for now

Hello from the Netherlands, Europe. Some of you may know me from my own blog on which I tell about my sewing projects.
Since I've seen such beautiful Chanel-style jackets being made by several talented seamstresses, I've been longing to make one. This sew along will hopefully get me started. Though not right now, as I'll be away for a few weeks in August. I won't start before September.
Enough time to consider whether to use the classic way as described by Claire Shaeffer in her book "Couture sewing details" which I read again yesterday. This technique is also described in Threads no. 121 by Susan Khalje, which I bought last year through Ebay. It's not available from Taunton press anymore.

A more RTW approach is in Threads no 128 from January 2007 "make the jacket in just 15 hours, and then you have time to do some elaborate embellishments".
In any case: I will probably make a rather simple, short jacket style, and don't have a pattern yet. But certainly I will find something appropriate in my stack of BWOF/Knip Mode/Patrones issues. Then the first thing will be to make a muslin.

Looking forward to this fun sew along.


  1. Hi Sigrid, glad to have you sewing along! Thanks for the Threads reference for the 15-hour jacket -- heaven knows I will need to spend a ton of time on embellishing my choice of jacket. Have a great vacation and we'll "see" you when you get back!

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