Sunday, September 20, 2009

On My Body - Myrna

It's a gorgeous sunny day here today so I had my husband take a few pictures. It's not a go with outfit. Just my typical black t-shirt and jeans "uniform". I would have been happy enough with this shadowed, front porch shot but I'm sure you all want more details than that. I would!

A front view. I was pleased with how smoothly it fits over the shoulders, chest, and bust. Just right - not too tight or too loose.

And a back view which clearly illustrates why I have signed up for a jean making course in April. The bum of this 47 year old body has definitely dropped. I really Really REALLY want jeans without those back wrinkles which I know from the Palmer/Pletsch pant making course that I took last year is due to the angle of the back crotch curve. I can only imagine what was going on back there that I didn't know about (and maybe still wish I didn't) in life before digital cameras - LOL.

Like I said yesterday, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Can't wait to see more and more jackets as you get started and/or finish up.

- Myrna


  1. That's a very classy jacket and it looks great on you. That jacket looks nice over jeans as well is it will over dress pants or a skirt. Very nice job.

  2. Myrna-- I love the jacket and it looks great with the "uniform." You should be very proud!

  3. I love that style. You certainly stepped outside the box and did something Channelish, but with a little edge. You look nice with it dressed down, but I think it will look fab dressed up too - slacks or skirt, necklace. I like it very much.

  4. Yes, definitely a winner! Very stylish and a great fit. I also love how you made this pattern your own.

  5. Great jacket for dressing up or dressing down. I admire the work you put into it.
    The jacket look very nice with your t-shirt and jeans. I would love to see a picture of how you dress it up.

  6. Looks even better on you! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. I really like the jacket. And I love the plaid you created with quilting - gives the jacket less formal look (though I can imagine it as a part of a skirt/pants suit) and goes perfectly with jeans.
    Your comeback to garment sewing was really successful!
    I think I'll knockoff the jacket (I can't buy New Look patterns in Serbia), it is fantastic.