Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dawn - Jacket Muslin II - KwikSew 3258

I'm copy/pasting from my personal blog so don't read twice unless you really, really want to.

I used up all of my muslin fabric so I'm using this flowered khaki. It's not ideal because it is a stretch twill but it'll do. One thing you need to know if you decide to make this jacket is the arms are skinny. And that's coming from a person with skinny arms. They aren't tight but they ain't loose either. They are fine at the shoulder but they taper pretty steeply from the elbow to wrist.

That back fold is still there and it looks worse than before. I'll play with that tomorrow night.

I accidently cut the sleeve inside out. This is why I love muslins. I don't really have to pay attention. This was the easiest pair of sleeves ever to set.

The armholes are a little low but I'm not sure if I'll raise them. They aren't bad.

Back with my arms folded in front of me.

Boy, is that a smug face or what??!? I feel good about this jacket though because it has gone so smoothly and the fit is pretty good straight out of the envelope.


  1. I'm definitely no fit expert, but think that you could take out a bit at waist level in center back. Otherwise I think you need the space in the back to move.

  2. These back folds are hard to do. You may need to get someone to help you do that while it's on your body. If you have a mannequin, then you can fit her and try it on again to see if it fits/lays right on you. The front looks excellent, but the back does need a little "nipping in" at the waist.

  3. I like the tighter arms. Most Chanel jacket do have this look. It is coming along nicely!

  4. You deserve to be a bit smug - getting the fit right is often the biggest challenge. After looking at the back with the sleeves in I still think you need to shorten the length of the shoulder seam. It looks like it extends a good 3/4" past the shoulder bone.

  5. It looks great. You may want to try it on over a blouse before you make any adjustments.