Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miracles do occur!!!

Finally finished with this elegant piece, and what I find most about this jacket was how all my normal life took me away from it. There's no greater way to show a garment than through a little here's the jacket finished with more pictures and verbiage on my blog!

So here's my little video - you'll have to turn up the volume as it was low. Also sorry about the rez....hopefully this will show up well.



  1. Hey claire, that was fun to see. Shame you were so far from the camera but I can see how soft and fluid it is. Definately on my to do list for 2010!

  2. This looks perfect on you, Claire. So glad you participated. What a beautiful jacket. Mme would be proud!

  3. Your video has made me downright jealous. But I am green enough to get going on my own. Great inspiration, Claire. Thanks for the video effort.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing. Truly a wonderful garment and I hope you wear it a ton!!!