Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lourdes (ELMO)- Old Kid, new to Chanel Block

My room mate from college had a Chanel jacket, I immediately asked her if I could see it and turned it inside out trying to figure out how it was made. Her version was black boucle, long sleeves (to wrist), princess line seams, side panels, a peplum, gold double C buttons and that chain at the back hemline. It was such a beautiful fit and she always looked elegant and very pulled together when wearing it... I WANT ONE!! So after many years, this will be my first, I'm starting off easy with two of Claire Shaeffer's patterns. My muslin is finished, and as Claire says "we need to warm up", so my first fabric is not my first choice, but it's really not bad, just looks more Armani.

It's the one on the left, the other is tropical weight... maybe for the next one.

The body.
Patterns 015

The three piece sleeve.
Patterns 009


  1. Well you are off to a great start with 2 very professional patterns and some good looking fabric. Now all you need is around 50 - 100 hours and you'll outclass your old room mate.

  2. BOnjour et bienvenue Lourdes
    Very nice fabric choice.
    I think it's a good thing that there are late comers in this sal it helps keeping me motivated

  3. I am using the same two pattern. I am almost done with the basting the seams and will post soon. The alterations were raising the neckline, shorten length, and made 3/4 sleeves. The patterns are great. Good luck! And warming up is a great idea. I did not and wish that I tried it out on a different (cheaper) fabric first. It is one reason that I am going very slow on my jacket!

  4. Mary Nanna - If it looks better than I remember hers looking I may just get on a plane and go for a visit.

    Maricou - I know there are still a few out there that haven't started, I would love to see what they have planned!

    Cindy - I haven't raised the neckline, yet, but did shorten the jacket. I understand about going slowly. If it's still low, I may just attach a facing around the neckline.

  5. Looking forward to the step by step progress on your $20,000 creation! ;) Curious too, how/if was your friend's black boucle trimmed?

  6. Digs, it had self fabric bias fringe, it was very understated except for the buttons.