Saturday, April 10, 2010

It was the fabric first

Hello! I'm Challis, and I have been reading this blog for a long time. I have been inspired more than once by the Chanel style jackets posted here and I just completed mine.

Before all, I would like to thank Antoinette and Cindy for setting up this blog and for letting me post here and I'd like to congratulate with all the nice people who post here.

Let's talk about the jacket then!

I fell in love with this black and white boucle during last Autumn, and I have been wondering what to make out of it since then.

That is when I first met this blog and I started reading and following... it would be nice to make a Chanel style jacket with the boucle, I tought.  So the boucle I loved came home with me and my sewing adventure started.

Here follows another picture of the boucle, it is a blend of wool, polyester and lurex. Unfortunately the nice silver sparkling thread is not visible in the picture.

I cut a sample, to put in the washing machine. It came out perfect, so I pretreated all the fabric with the washing machine in a delicate wool cycle.
It was time to choose the pattern then.


  1. This fabric is very couture.
    I would never have dared to wash it to pre treat but I am glad to see it works
    I must try that

  2. Well, I usually avoid fabrics that can't be simply cleaned at home and this fabric was labeled as dry-clean only. Being a wool-polyester blend, I thought it could sustain the washing machine. I tried with a small sample first: cold water and the really delicate wool cycle of my washing machine. I carefully measured the sample before and after the journey in the washing machine; afterwards I could not find a reason to avoid washing the fabric.
    It took a lot of courage, though.