Friday, March 12, 2010

Chanel trim - I think I finally have one

Almost finished with the jacket muslin, but have stalled out because I couldn't find the trim for it. The trim was already in my stash, in a most unlikely place.


I've been prewashing fabrics, serging the ends and putting them through the dryer because I don't want to dry clean anymore. Besides the cost, the idea of petrochemicals used in the process just doesn't appeal to me. So in one of my free bundles from Fabricmart, there was a black 8 wale corduroy. I wasn't really sure what I would do with it, but prewashed it and ran it through the dryer. What resulted was a soft fringe along the selvage.


So I counted two wales in from the selvage and trimmed, then finished the edge with the serger. Since the wool on the jacket is a bit fuzzy, the corduroy side was too dark, so I'm using the wrong side. I'll have to plan the placement carefully because the there isn't enough to do everything I had planned, but so far I like the way it looks.



I'm happy I went through the entire process to complete the muslin because there will definitely be modifications made to this pattern. I'm not sure if anyone else has found this but the button placement on the three piece sleeve is a bit more "forward" than I am used to. If anyone else has made this sleeve and cares to comment, I'm all ears!

Please forgive the caving in of the jacket I really need to pad my dress form, oh and disregard the wrinkled slip under the jacket:)


  1. Nice to read something new here.
    I've made the 3 piece sleeve. You are right the buttons are more forward and they are meant to.This is Chanel's signature. This way the eye is drawn to the buttons which are a very important part of the design. moreove, the seam above gives a nice line to the sleeve.
    As far as I am concerned I like this 3 piece sleeve very much

  2. nice from Chanel
    thank for your sharing

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day. How is your husband doing?