Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WIP : 3rd version of my muslin

Last Friday, I tested my altered muslin. I made those alterations looking myself in the mirror as I had no dressform. As I expected the result was far from satisfactory.

Sunday, I brought the jacket to my sister who is a professional drafter. She was so helpful.
She pinned all that needed to be altered and I made a 3rd version of my muslin yesterday.
Moreover, my mother lent me her dress form, so that I can work more efficiently.

Here's how it looks like this morning

Today, I will work on the sleeves and hem lime.
I expect to cut my fabric tomorrow. I am so impatient to do so.
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  1. Wow!!! We all need a professional drafter!!!

  2. How wonderful! What great help!

  3. I agree with Joanne--wow! This is very professional. It looks great.

  4. Are you ever lucky to have a personal fitter! Your jacket will be a smash.