Tuesday, February 23, 2010

vogue 8259 three piece sleeve

Here are some pictures of the sleeve :

I absolutely love the result. The functional vent makes all the difference and gives the jacket a couture look. I do recommend this pattern.
Here are some close up views :
 The buttonholes were hand sewn with Gütterman silk buttonhole twist.
Apart from the quilting, the lining was completely hand sewn with beeswaxed thread following Claire Shaeffer's very detailed pattern instructions. I chose a contrasting fabric for the facing.

Yesterday I just had to pin the sleeve to the jacket and put it on to see what it looked like. Wow I loved what I saw in the mirror. This sleeve pattern is very well drafted and has a unique line indeed. I am so impatient to finish this project.
Hopefuly my next post on this blog will show a picture of me modelling the jacket.


  1. sooo pretty! can't wait to see the whole jacket.

  2. It's beautiful. I love the green/bluish trim and the contrasting facing you chose.

  3. What a pretty jacket, it's a nice soft color pallette and the buttonholes look better than on the real Chanel jackets.

  4. Looking good! Love the colours.

  5. Gorgeous! The strong contrasting trim looks fabulous. Love your choices.

  6. Beautiful. I look forward to seeing it finished. I especially like the buttons and trim.

  7. Your jacket is coming along beautifully!

  8. Help Please!! I am looking for this pattern V8259 and can't find it anywhere. I am looking for a size
    18-22. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell or let me borrow to trace? I only need the sleeves. rose_5girls@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance

  9. Would you sell a copy of this pattern, vogue 8259 size 6,8,10?

  10. I have this jacket available in my Etsy Shop "Cache Castle" here is the link